Yosemite Lakes Owners' Association Security

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Madera County Animal Services
(559) 675-7891

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Report an Animal

There are times when a domestic animal is causing issues in Yosemite Lakes Park, and at these times it's important to know whom to call. Loose or aggressive animals, or animal noise complaints are among potential problems.

Loose Animals: Call Madera County Animal Services first, then call Security. Calling Animal Services ensures that there is a location to house the loose animal in case the owner cannot be found.

Aggressive Animals: Call Madera County Animal Services. The agency is properly equipped to handle aggressive animals, and it has housing to hold the animal until the owner can be found. After a report has been made to Animal Services, another can then be made to Security. Security then will check the area and help Animal Services.

Animal Noise Complaint: Make the complaint first to Madera County Animal Services. Doing so will ensure the proper help from local law enforcement agencies. Then make a report to the Yosemite Lakes Owners' Association office to have a record of a noise ordinance violation.