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November "Crime Prevention Month" Tips

We will be posting helpful tips daily as well as give information to help protect you, your family and property. As many of you know, Security is now in-house and we have 24/7 coverage for the park.

Tip #1 - Install timer lights indoors when gone set them to come on in different rooms at different times and this will help to look like someone is home. You can check with our local True Value for availability and pricing or go to any home improvement store or online. Keep your home safe.

Tip #2 - Lock your vehicles and do not leave personal items such as ipods, computers, change or anything that thieves want. Also remove and store your garage door opener. Thieves will get into unlocked cars and take valuables and steal the garage door opener only to come back later when you are not home and then have access to the house through the garage making it easier for them to not be seen.

Tip #3 - Driveway sensors can detect people and vehicles coming up your driveway and alert you when it happens. These range from about 25.00 and up and can be found on line or at any home improvement store. When the sensor is tripped you will hear an alert inside your home.

Tip #4 - Install a safe in your home for your valuables and weapons that can be secured to the floor. Also have a shredder to shred anything that may have personal information. Never throw anything with your personal information including your address and full name. Thieves will go through your garbage looking for bank statements, mail or applications for credit cards. These forms may have your information on them so check everything before you get rid of anything away. Remember to always shred !!

Tip #5 - Keep your car keys beside your bed at night. If you have a panic alarm for your vehicle this is a great deterrent if you hear noises outside or someone trying to break in. If the alarm goes off, chances are that this will make the would be burglar run away and also alert neighbors who will be looking out their windows to see what's happening and call 911 and security.

Never leave hide a keys in the usual places. All thieves know these hiding spots. Also remember to grab your mail box keys before you drive off after picking up your mail. Make it a habit to check before you drive off.

Tip #6 - What to look for if you see anything suspicious, thanks to Joanne Evans with Madera County Sheriff's Department.
Remember to contact the Sheriff's Department first, then security as we will be able to respond quicker and be able to collect information and direction of travel.

Always use caution and stay safe. Do not approach someone you think suspicious or may be ready to commit a crime. The best thing you can do is collect this information for MCSD.

Tip #7 - Keep bushes and hedges trimmed around your windows to prevent thieves from having a place to hide when attempting to try and get into our home. Also use locks on windows and sliding glass doors and dowels can also be used. Burglars do not want to have to spend time trying to get in.

Tip #8 - Installing cameras around your home can be very effective. There are several systems that you can purchase on line or from a home improvement store that will allow you to check your home from a computer or your cell phone. www.lowes.com or www.amazon.com.

Tip #9 - This is the time of year that mail theft will be on the rise. REMEMBER to pick up your mail daily and NEVER leave your keys in the mail box. Get into a routine to check for your keys before you drive off.
Have packages delivered to an alternative spot such as a neighbor if you plan on being away. Thieves watch delivery trucks and if they see that you may not be home, the packages will be gone.

Tip #10 - Keep your garage door closed and locked at all times, even if you will only be gone for a few minutes. This includes entry doors to the garage.
If you have tools, paint the ends of the handles as thieves avoid items that can be easily identified.
Engraving items may also deter thieves who will have to spend time trying to file the numbers off before selling.
Take pictures of your items to use in case of needing for insurance purposes and or police reports.

Tip #11 - Never open your door automatically to someone who is knocking or ringing your door bell. Install a peep hole and always ask for identification. If someone you don't know asks to use the phone, tell them you will make the call for them. If they don't respond to that then call 911. Some potential thieves will act like "workers" (or say they are looking for someone) to get into your home in order to see what they may want to take the next time you are gone. Always "be cautious" and let security know if you will need a house watch. If you suspect someone suspicious, call 911 and then security as we will be first on scene and can collect much needed information for local law enforcement.

Tip #12 - Safety for Children - Make sure your child(ren) take the same path everyday if they walk either to school or the bus stop. Parents can work out a "safe route". Stay where people can see you and avoid empty fields and lots. Never talk to strangers or accept rides from someone you don't know or claims to know a parent. Make sure your child(ren) have a cell phone in case of emergencies and enter an ICE ( In Case of Emergency ) contact phone number for authorities t o find in order to contact you, the parent. Make sure they understand calling 911 in the event of an emergency or if they feel uneasy about any situation and you can also enter security's number in their phone as we more than likely will be first on scene. Stay safe out there and with the changing weather make sure your child(ren) has layered clothing and protection from the elements.

Tip #13 - Walkers - Always plan your route and stay alert to your surroundings. Not only should you be looking ahead but also up. Mountain lions and bob cats like to hang out in trees. Walk with a companion and if walking with your pet(s) always keep them on a leash. It is the law! This can also keep your pet from chasing after a predator or encountering one out of your reach. Keeping a whistle on you may also deter anyone or thing from coming into close proximity of you. Avoid carrying large or bulky items such as shoulder bags or purses, taking only what you need for your walk. Stay safe!

Tip #14 - www.yloa.org has an anonymous tip line located under the safety tab. Scroll down to security and click on it to find a red box on the right hand side. Any information left is strictly confidential and you don't have to leave ANY personal information. Thank you for your continued support!

Tip #15 - Keep things such as atv's or golf carts locked away in your garage. Never leave keys in the ignition and removing the battery may make thieves think twice about trying to remove it from your property.

Tip #16 - If you do become a victim of a burglary you need to immediately file a fraud alert with your bank and credit card companies as well as the credit bureau.

  • Close out accounts especially if you see that you are missing checks
  • Don't keep cash in your bedroom such as in a sock in a drawer or under the mattress, this is the first place they look
  • Get a nice looking jewelry box and put only costume jewelry in there, keep your valuable jewelry elsewhere, such as a safe or safety deposit box
  • Keep guns locked in a safe where they will stay out of the hands of burglars
  • Make sure you think about securing your property with an alarm or security camera system as thieves will come back in about 6 - 8 weeks to see if you bought new items with your insurance proceeds.
Tip #17 - Tips for Seniors

Leave your porch lights on in the front and back yard. Don't open the door unless you know who the person is. Add a strong deadbolt to all outside doors and keep locked. Check in with someone on a daily basis, a relative or friend, neighbor to let someone know that you're okay. Contacting security will give us a chance to see you on a face to face daily if put on a welfare check. Never give out personal information to anyone, especially over the phone. Phone scams are at a higher risk for seniors and easily preyed on. Also remember to register with MC Alert and Madera County Sheriff's Department also has an elder orphan program for daily check ins via phone call to those who live alone or couples whose family is far away

Tip #18 - In the event that your home has been broken into here are some do's and don'ts:
  • Do NOT enter as the suspect may still be inside
  • Use a neighbors phone to call police if you don't have a cell phone
  • DO NOT touch anything!!!!
  • DO NOT clean up until police have inspected for evidence
  • Write down license plates of any suspicious vehicles, if you don't have anything to write with, create it in your cell phone or in your note section of your phone
  • Note or try to remember descriptions of suspects, short tall hair, clothing, tattoos, piercings, etc.
  • Remember that if you enter after a break in and touch doorknobs or start picking things up or moving items, you have contaminated the crime scene which will make it difficult and near impossible to collect evidence.