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YLOA Town Hall meeting

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Presentation given to members in May 2015 to introduce the Infrastructure and Master Plan — Operation Self Sufficiency


Darrel & Patty Dietrich x2

Hal & Diane Browder

James & Beverly Gulley

Patrick Rodriguez &
Diane Sommers

Rick & Victoria Woods

Steve & Rebecca Brannon

Ken & Roxie Harrington

Kenneth & Michele Sartain

Bob & Tammie Civello

Jason & Veronica Longcor

Mike Ratley

Edward & Debbi Martini

Timothy & Sarah Curley

Michael & Jane Schimmel

Bart Fortner

Jon Leonard & Peggy Meneley

M & C Hall

Frank & Liz Brown

Greg & Mary Wheeler


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About the project

Operation Self Sufficiency is a 20-year Master Plan for Yosemite Lakes Park that has two chief objectives: (1) to replace a badly deteriorating and leaking municipal water distribution system, and (2) resurface all 55 miles of YLP roads in the wake of the water system rebuild.

The Yosemite Lakes Owners Association Board of Directors in May 2015 approved the plan, making numerous budget cuts and increasing assessments $15.35 a month to raise $13.1 million for a project that will be done by YLOA's own water company (Yosemite Spring Park Utility Co.). A separate (Operation Self Sufficiency) crew was assemble comprising of both YLOA & YSPUC employees with supervision done by YSPUC.

Road surveying and marking has begun, and O.S.S. employees are already practicing with a recently acquired trenching machine. The project is schedule to break ground at 10 a.m. Monday, Aug. 3, at the west end of Long Hollow Drive. All YLP residents are invited to attend.

This page will provide and archive information about Operation Self Sufficiency going forward. YLOA members are encouraged to comment, ask questions and provide suggestions by emailing us here.

Crews make test run of new trench paving equipment.
• First residential hookups made on Long Hollow Drive in January 2016.
Fresno Bee story from July 5, 2015: "Yosemite Lakes Park residents fight water woes on their own."

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The Pipeline Challenge

Want to shorten the time it takes to replace our decaying, leaking water pipeline? The Operation Self Sufficiency project as launched will take 20 years.

Then join YLP's Pipeline Challenge! For a $200 donation, you can pay for one of the 200-plus pipes it'll take for every mile of the system. In return, YSPUC Manager Ken Harrington said your name will be written on the pipe and you'll get its GPS coordinates so you'll know where it lays.

Just drop off your donation at the YSPUC or YLOA front desks in the Clubhouse during regular business hours. Be sure to include your name and lot number.

The challenge was started when members of the Rippits Quilting Club asked Harrington if there was a way to make the pipeline project go quicker.

Darrel and Patty Dietrich gave the first $200, followed by Hal and Diane Browder, Bev and Jim Gulley, Steve and Rebecca Brannon, Ken and Roxie Harrington, Veronica Longcor, and Charles and Victoria Woods.

Harrington said donations of any amount will be accepted, and they all will be kept track of separately.


YSPUC crews on July 29 put the new trench compactor through its paces in a practice trench. It's operated by remote control.

The 35-ton Vermeer trencher gets its first tryout digging a practice trench on a patch of YLP-owned land.