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To All Members of YLOA

The 2017 YLOA annual election results have come up 157 votes short of a quorum, and voting will continue until Aug. 14 in hopes of getting the 565 votes needed to complete the election and determine the winners of four board seats and a ballot issue to update rules and bylaws.

At the continuation of the July 15 Annual Meeting held July 17 in the Clubhouse, President Bart Fortner announced that an additional 49 votes had come in since Saturday, pushing the total to 408. That’s still well short of the 565 needed to reach 25 percent of YLOA’s 2,257 lot owners. YLOA bylaws require at least that number to validate an annual election.

Fortner said, in accordance with association bylaws, because of the lack of a 25 percent quorum, voting will continue for another 30 days, until the board meets again in a second continuation session at 6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 14 to count the ballots.

If there still is no quorum, the current board remains in place and continues to meet. If a member resigns, the board will announce a vacancy and seek and appoint a replacement. That would continue until the next annual election.

Fortner said that additional efforts will be made in coming weeks to encourage YLOA members who did not vote to cast ballots and validate the 2017 election.

“At this point, I really encourage you all to get out to your other members and friends out there, and make sure they get their ballots in.”

Vying for four two-seats are incumbents Dennis Ciccarelli and Liz Kuykendall and newcomers David Mahan and Suzanne Pearson. YLOA members are also asked to approve of proposed changes to the association’s Declaration of Restrictions and bylaws.