Highlights: May 15 YLOA, YSPUC board meetings

Highlights of the May 15 meetings of the YLOA & YSPUC Boards of Directors

• The YLOA board thanked outgoing general manager Layton Gillette for his two years’ service by presenting him with a lifetime free pass to the YLP Golf Course. His wife, Faye, received a bouquet of flowers and many thanks for “lending” her husband during the period to lead the association during a transition time. Board members expressed confidence that the association was now in good hands after Gillette spent several weeks orienting new General Manager Jonathan Penrose into the job. Penrose also expressed thanks and gratitude for Layton’s assistance.

• Tennis court use will be free during open pool hours after a vote by the YLOA board. At other times, the fee remains $3 for individual use and $35 for a year’s pass. Players must get the key at the YLOA office. The courts are open only to YLOA members in good standing and their guests.

• The YLOA board voted to approve purchase of three items out of a Capital Expenditure reserve, funded with part of an $80,000 carryover from the 2017-18 budget. The items are: a $50,000 truck, $10,000 for loader tires, and $2,000 for a sweeper broom.

• Security Chief Tammie D’Amore is looking into replacing YLP’s faded street signs with reflectorized signs that can be seen more easily at night. She estimated that the signs would cost $13-$15 each, and that up to 200 would be needed. Also, residents in the North Dome area have requested a speed sign to discourage speeders. D’Amore estimated a solar-powered radar indicated-speed sign would cost up to $2,000-$3,000.

• The YSPUC board voted to make a $151,000 prepayment on its annual administrative fees to YLOA, even though the association is not expected to need it. The move was taken to make the money available early in case of an unexpected need. The YLOA board then voted to accept the payment.

Among items in his General Manager’s Report, Jonathan Penrose:

• Said that delinquent dues collections are paying off, with $45,000 taken in so far, and $6,000 a month due on payment plans over the next 12-18 months. In April, YLOA began mailing certified letters to homeowners with serious past due delinquencies.

• Said that Equestrian Center manager Bridget Balestra will be taking on the seasonal role of pool manager along with her horse-barn duties. He thanked Jennifer Mearse and Krista Brown for their work in hiring lifeguards so that the pool could open and operate.

• Offered an idea for the board to consider: setting up a dedicated 501c3 charitable organization, to be called YLP Cares. It would bring the community together in many ways, supporting potential activities such as offsetting dues increases for lower income residents; allowing tax-deductible donations for various public improvements, raising funds through raffles, and more. YLOA President Marie Touitou said the board would consider the idea.

Finally, President Touitou voiced the board’s thanks to Controller and Administrative Manager Jennifer Mearse for her exceptional work in recently in taking on duties beyond just financial — from the pool to human resources and more.

A more detailed report from the meetings will appear in this Friday’s YLP Voice newsletter. Go to yloa.org/voicesignup and stay in touch!

Run for the board, help lead YLP!

Applications for the YLOA Board of Directors are now available at the YLOA office in the Clubhouse. Four of the seven two-year seats will be open to fill, including one that's currently vacant. Any YLOA member in good standing is eligible to run. YOU MAY DOWNLOAD AN APPLICATION HERE.

Terms are expiring this July for seats now held by: President Marie Touitou, Vice President Veronica Longcor, and Joel Greathouse. Directors who have one more year left to serve are: Secretary David Mahan and Tom Swire and Denis Ciccarelli.

GO HERE for more information on board responsibilities. Completed applications must be turned back in by 5 p.m. on Friday, May 22.

— Packets with voter information and ballots mailed by June 6

— Candidates’ Night Tuesday, June 12

— Annual Meeting: Saturday, July 21, with a continuation meeting Monday, July 23, if at least 40 percent of lot owners have not cast ballots by July 21.

5-7 p.m. at Blue Heron Restaurant