Yosemite Spring Park Utility Company



We have several main wells that provide clean healthy water for each of the lots, and homes. We manage and operate  Yosemite Spring Park Utility Company (YSPUC) with a separate board of directors and have several employees that work for the YSPUC to maintain the system.  Current YSPUC Projects can be found in the Managers report posted below.

            30250-B Yosemite Springs Parkway
   Coarsegold, CA 93614
Telephone (559) 658-7451
Facsimile (559) 658-7866 After Hours
(559) 760-4349

Email: janetm@yloa.org


2013 Consumer Confidence Report

2013 Consumer Confidence Report

2014 Reports

January 2014 YSPUC Manager Report

Febuary 2014 YSPUC Manager Report

March 2014 YSPUC Manager Report

September 2014 YSPUC GM / Manager status report

2013 Reports

June 2013 Manager Report

July 2013 Manager Report

August 2013 Manager Report

September 2013 Manager Report

October 2013 Manager Report

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