View on the Long Hollow Greenbelt trail.

Blue Heron Loop Trail
— 1 mile around, fairly flat and easy.

This trail encircles the lake at the clubhouse. You can park at the clubhouse and enter the trail behind the swimming pool or park at the volleyball court and enter the trail to the left of the lake. This trail is walked by many people and we ask if you take your dogs, please keep them on a leash and take with you one of the doggy poop bags that are conveniently placed at either start of the trail. You may dispose of the bags in one of the many garbage cans located in the area.

North Dome Trails

There are two trails over North Dome that criss-cross. One starts at Revis Lane East fire road and goes over to North Dome Road near Quail Court. Please be aware that both of the trail starts are steep ascents, but once you reach the ridge 1/2 mile up, you have a mile of fairly flat expanse with a panoramic 360 degree view of the area, well worth the climb. At the ridge there is an equestrian trail that goes either way, a perfect spot for a picnic. Remember, pack it in and pack it out. This is also a trail where you might want to take two cars and park one on Quail Court so you don't have to hike back. Quail Court and Revis Lane east are cul-de-sacs, so have limited parking, but could accommodate three cars. The trailhead on North Dome near Quail Court is the fire road next to house #????? and runs parallel with the property. Another approach to the North Dome hikes is Blue Heron Court. There is parking on tile road leading into the cul-de-sac. You must not park in the cul-de-sac as it is a helicopter pad. The hike goes past the water tank, past some large rocks to the ridge, an easier way to the ridge and the panoramic view. The first 60 to 90 yards is steep; after that it just meanders up and down.

Long Hollow Greenbelt

There are two areas that enter the Long Hollow greenbelt. You may enter from Long Hollow Court North or Acorn Court. The paved road to the water tank on Long Hollow Court North goes between #29131 and #29221 and leads to the old stage road. Park in the cul-de-sac but please do not block the wire structure that covers the well. This belongs to Yosemite Spring Park Utility Co. and they need access. This area was the old stage road to Yosemite. The road meanders uphill and can be quite steep at times but is a pleasant hike especially in the spring. Before you reach the base of the water tank, there are two large expanses of rock where you will find the remains of old Indian grinding holes. There is also a palm tree that is at least 100 years old. Another access to this area is from Acorn Court.